Choose the Energy Saver Pack version of the  Precision Weld 400 triple pane sliding window. This maintenance free and Energy Efficient this window keeps the cold out and is a great value.
  • 27% Better U-Value than Energy Star® minimum
  • 3000% better air infiltration protection
  • Choose the Grid option between glass it is available in popular styles
  • Fully welded frame & sash with double weather stripping 
  • Triple panes of glass reduces noise
  • Clean modern look
          Energy Star Comparison To
Glazing Option U-Value SHGC VT CR Minimum* Energy Star Minimum
Triple Glazed              
With ESP 0.22 0.25 0.42 70 0.30  27% Better


      Industry Comparison To  
  Our Windows Minimum Industry Minimum  
AAMA Rating   R 35   R 15      
Air Infiltration cfm/ft2   0.01   0.3  3000% Better
Water Penetration mph   59   33  79% Better  
Structural Integrity mph   143   94  52% Better