Buffalo homeowners that are still using single pane glass windows should definitely get them replaced with multi-pane windows. But do you really need triple pane windows, or can double or dual pane windows suffice? Ultimately that’s up to you, so to help you make the decision, here are some factors to consider when choosing between double pane windows and triple pane windows.

Energy Efficiency

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – our windows here at Wonder Windows are energy efficient, which means they’ll keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting excess energy. Double pane windows can improve the quality of your home’s insulation so much that your energy savings may be as high as 50%, effectively demonstrating why additional panes of glass can make a huge difference. Triple panes can make a difference further still, with as much as 20% more savings on energy costs over double panes. This is a smaller difference, of course, but if you are a person who struggles with the cold, then triple pane windows may be right for you.

Sun Proofing and Sound Proofing

Double pane windows will make a huge difference in sound proofing and sun proofing your home. Having the extra layer of glass and the inert gasses between them provides a barrier than stops sound from flowing through as easily. Similarly, the additional pane will protect against harsh sunlight so that your furniture and carpet don’t fade. Some people argue that triple pane windows will provide additional protection here. While this is likely true, the difference will not be very significant, and so you may be fine with just double pane windows.

Home Security

Double-thick window panes are harder for burglars to break through if they want to get into your home by breaking a window. Still tougher to break are triple-thick window panes. If home security is a matter of serious concern, consider this a factor in choosing between double pane and triple pane windows.


More glass panes for your window will do wonders for preventing condensation from collecting inside the window as the temperatures outside change with weather conditions. However, they will also cause condensation to collect on the outside. The problem with this is mostly that it is inconvenient to not be able to look through your windows if there’s a lot of condensation. If that does not matter to you, then either option will be just fine regarding this factor.


As expense is a concern for most of our customers, we put forth our best effort to work together with you and give you the most affordable options for your window needs. Still, because of the additional glass pane and need for a stronger frame to hold the window, triple pane windows are more expensive than double pane windows. It may not be worth the cost.

There may be other reasons to look at triple pane windows over double pane windows. The best bang for your buck is probably going to be double or dual pane windows. If you can afford to go the extra mile, triple pane windows aren’t a bad idea. Or you can combine both options and purchase some of each. With the help of professionals in the window business, you can install them in strategic places to make your home as best protected as possible from security threats and weather conditions.