Wonder Windows – Buffalo, NY

For the last 50 years, Rochester has been home to one of the best window and door service companies you can find: Wonder Windows. This family-owned company is known for our lack of pushy businessmen, our certified and trained technicians who love and are skilled in what we do, the high quality service we provide, and our smart, clear, and client-valued business dealings. And now that increasing amounts of customers have seen the value in our service, Wonder Windows is pleased to open a new office in Buffalo, NY.

Replacement Windows and Doors

When you’re in need of quality service for doors and windows, Wonder Windows will answer your call. Not only can we install brand new windows in your home, but we have a particular skill for window replacement. Our organization knows the difficulty of dealing with weather conditions, accidents, heating and cooling, and other circumstances that can damage the quality of your windows and lower the value of your home. We have the experience and the knowhow to help you get new replacement windows installed in your home, whether they are vinyl windows, aluminum, wood, etc. We even specialize in Insul-Tec and Enviro-Star windows so that you can have the highest quality and energyefficient windows. And not only that—we will also take care of your doors, whether it’s a pair of new patio doors, front doors, or any other kind of doors you need for your home.

Financial Benefits

At Wonder Windows, we understand that the cost of replacing windows or installing new ones can get pretty high. That is why we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that our pricing is the most competitive on the market. We’ll also provide you with any and all financing needs you might have for your windows and doors so that you can afford the services you want.

No matter what your needs for windows or doors, Wonder Windows has the experience, the training, and the desire to help! We hope you’ll look forward to checking out our new location in Buffalo.