We'd be remiss to assume that you don't already know how cold it gets in Buffalo.  Interestingly enough, your windows play a significant role in keeping your home warm during the winter months.  Many homeowners don’t realize that their current windows, regardless of age, may actually be making things worse instead of better.

Let's take a look at some of the most pressing reasons for homeowners in the Buffalo area, to upgrade to energy-efficient windows.

A great way to reduce monthly utilities in Buffalo

When you reduce the amount of cold air leaking into your home as well as sunlight and UV penetration, you lessen the burden placed on your home's heating and cooling system.  The combination of both improvements and less use gas and electric, ultimately results in utility bills that are consistently lower.   

Boost the resale value of your home

It is a well-known fact that homes with energy-efficient windows command higher resale prices than comparable homes without.  New home buyers are constantly looking for ways to get the most from their purchase, and energy-saving windows are something many buyers are asking for.  Cut your utility bills while improving the value on your Buffalo home.

At Wonder Windows Buffalo, we believe in protecting our customers just as much as protecting the environment.  If you are in the Buffalo area and considering energy-efficient windows, Wonder Windows is the only number you'll need to call.  We have a marvelous selection of windows to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, at prices designed to meet the needs of almost every budget.

We invite you to call us anytime to get more information, schedule your free in-home consultation or find out more about Wonder Windows in Buffalo.