The weather here in Buffalo is not like balmy southern California. It has its cold winters with lots of snow and warm summers with lots of sunshine and humidity. So when it comes to protecting your home from the weather and the great outdoors, you want entry doors that will do the job correctly. Gone are the days when we relied on wood for our homes – it warps when wet, it shrinks or expands in the cold and heat, and a wood entry door won’t last long with how many times it is accessed every day. Now, the main choices for entry doors that we offer here at Wonder Windows in Buffalo are steel and fiberglass. Each is sold in a variety of styles, designs, and colors so that you and your home can have their perfect match to protect you from Buffalo weather.

Steel Entry Doors

With a steel entry door at the front of your home, you’ll be extra secure against security threats as well as weather conditions. Because they are built out of 24 gauge galvanized steel, they are heavy-duty to prevent criminals from easily breaking in. This is a valid concern in a city where violent crime and property crime rates are much higher than the national average. Additionally, the thick, solid status of steel entry doors also guards against harsh weather and snow – indeed, they are so sturdy that they will last years before warping or bowing. Additionally, the fixed steel hinges are 20 gauge and durable. You’ll find that not only are they comparable in quality to other entry doors, they have as much as 4 times the R-value, making them extra protective and insulated.

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Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are specifically created to withstand Buffalo weather conditions, including resisting warping, denting, rusting, rotting, and more. They also come with extensive weather stripping so that no wind, snow, rain, sleet, or ice can get in between the door and the door frame. To make sure that they fit well, we provide all fiberglass entry doors with adjustable risers; that way, you can conserve energy even more as you hunker down against the elements. With 5 times the insulating power of wood entry doors, they are also maintenance free, allowing you to enjoy the look of wood without having to deal with the regular upkeep. They are also easy to stain or paint however you’d like.

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Buffalo Weather Protection

Ultimately, protecting your home from bad weather is the key motivation in choosing an entry door. That is why here at Wonder Windows, we provide you with options that will both withstand the weather conditions in our Buffalo climate. We want to let your choice be more about the style you’d like than about trying to choose a door that will protect your home from weather extremes. And with over 50 years of experience serving the greater Rochester area, you can be confident that we know how to provide entry doors that are safe for Buffalo weather.