Awning windows share many of the same characteristics as casement windows, with one notable exception.  Where casement windows feature a right- or left-side hand crank, awning windows have their crank mounted on the top.  They get their name from the process used to raise and lower traditional awnings, and have become increasingly popular in recent years throughout the Buffalo community.

  •  A perfect way to improve the look of any Buffalo home
  • Features a top-mounted locking hand crank
  • Share many of the attributes famed for casement windows
  • Provides moderate ventilation and breeze flow.
  • Can be left open during rain storms for added ambiance
  • Revered for being very easy to clean and maintain
  • An extremely long-lasting and durable type of window 

It makes no difference where you are in Buffalo or what type of home you're in.  Adding awning windows is an excellent way to give your home the added charm and prestige it's been longing for.  If you're tired of traditional windows and looking for something a bit more unique and sophisticated, we're confident that you will find awning windows to be the perfect addition to your Buffalo-area home or building.




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