Starmark offers the durability and energy efficiency of vinyl windows, with the added elegance of a real-wood appearance.  They've become wildly popular among those with older and vintage homes, as they afford you the opportunity to retain the look of your original wood windows, while utilizing the technology and advanced engineering of vinyl frames.

Starmark Bay & Bow Windows

Ideal for optimizing natural lighting, Bay and Bow Windows serve as the perfect way to increase the beauty and style of your home.  They're prefect for kitchens and dining areas, but can also make a wonderful addition to bathroom surrounds, studies, dens and home offices.

  • Custom made to accommodate your unique living space
  • Can be set at a wide range of angles based on your preferences
  • Available in many distinct shapes, sizes and finishes

Starmark Casement Windows

Casement windows from Starmark are perfect on their own, or used to create stunning window combinations throughout your entire home.  Many homeowners use them in combination with Bay, Bow and Picture windows to create one-of-a-kind natural lighting and ambiance.

  • Innovative locking system secures sash to frame for an air-tight seal
  • Special folding-crank handles are designed for smooth operation
  • Can be opened at a 90 degree angle for optimal ventilation and breeze

Starmark Double Hung Windows

When you want the durability and energy-efficiency of vinyl windows, while still trying to retain the old-world look of wooden frames, Starmark Double-hung windows are a wonderful option.  They're custom designed to provide a perfect fit and weather-tight barrier against the elements.

  • Simulated Divided Light (SDL) Design available in White or Natural Wood Color
  • Can be stained to matched the unique look of your home's interior
  • Round beveled edges recall the look and feel of natural wood windows

Starmark Slider Windows

Designed especially for those homeowners who love natural breeze and lighting, Starmark Sliders offer the combination of contemporary design, innovative features and the durability of long-lasting window performance.

  • Ideal for everything from modern to traditional interior designs
  • Brass-mounted wheels allow for ultra-smooth opening and closing
  • Slim sash profile and tamper-resistant cams extend life and enhance operation